Brittany Espinoza

Brittany Espinoza has years of experience in marketing and community engagement in New Mexico. She specializes in creative partnerships and external relations.

After graduating from the University of New Mexico, Brittany began working in the nonprofit sector, where she provided social services and program development. Later, Brittany worked for a national health care company cultivating partnerships and external stakeholders to further advance product lines and the company's public image.

Most recently, Brittany has been a stay at home parent to her two children, Kensington and Windsor. Along with the multitasking of parenthood, she serves as a marketing coordinator for a local small business and oversees corporate sponsorships for an online marketing company.


Jason Espinoza

Jason Espinoza has years of experience in public policy development, government affairs, and association management.

 Jason has over a decade of government affairs experience in New Mexico. He served as President and CEO of New Mexico’s statewide chamber of commerce and prior to that served as its Vice President of Government Affairs. In both roles, Jason led the organization’s public policy and government relations efforts.

 Jason also has years of association management experience in New Mexico. He successfully led two statewide business associations. Jason has demonstrated an ability to increase revenue and member engagement. Jason received national recognition for membership growth and retention from the Association of State Chamber Professionals.